Feed Links for 20Something Bloggers

With the increasing number of 20Something Bloggers, it has become harder to navigate everyone's blogs. On the one hand, it's incredibly exciting to see such a large number of bloggers in one place. On the other, it can be disheartening attempting to keep up with everyone.

So, a solution has been made. We're giving every 20SB Member a chance to be placed in an RSS Feed to facilitate discovering one another's blogs. Several 20SB Members have graciously volunteered to commandeer this undertaking and without them, this wouldn't even be possible.

If you want to get added to a feed, peruse the categories below and choose up to 2 that best categorize your blog. Send an email to the corresponding gmail account.


    - IMPORTANT: When you email volunteers, give them your blog address as well as your 20SB Member profile address.

    - Please allow 1 week for your blog to be visible on the feed. The feed addresses themselves will be published, at the latest, by Friday, July 11, 2008. First, we need your blog addresses.

    - The Feed links will look just like this one.

    - If you sent in an email properly, but you do not see your blog in the feed after a week, please leave a kind message through a volunteers' 20SB Profile (clicking on their names will take you there). If this does not solve the problem, email Deutlich at deutlich.blog@gmail.com. Remember, these folks are volunteering and everyone gets busy with real life.

    - If you do not see a category that suits you, please email Deutlich at deutlich.blog@gmail.com so that she may place you. If enough bloggers come across the same problem, a new category will be made.

    - Please do not forget that at this point, we're still in the beginning stages. Glitches are sure to come up. Bare with us while we work out the kinks. Thanks!

Feed Categories

Blogs about Blogging  - No Submissions 
Ashley - Not the Life I Ordered 
email: 20SBBlogging@gmail.com 

Blog/Graphic Design - No Submissions 
Chris - Surviving Myself 
email: 20SBGraphicDesign@gmail.com 

College Blog: Feed Link
RS27 - Your Beard is Good  
email: 20SBCollege@gmail.com 

Corporate Blog : Feed Link
Kristen - Wanna Be Reality Superstar 
email: 20sbcorporate@gmail.com 

Entertainment/Humor Blog : Feed Link
Jenn - You Are Flawed if You Are Not Free
email: 20SBHumor@gmail.com 

Fitness Blog - No Submissions 
D - D-Blogged
email: 20sbfitness@gmail.com 

Food Blog - No Submissions
Alexa - Cleveland's a Plum
email: 20SBFood@gmail.com 

Gadgets/Tech Stuff Blog: Feed Link
Jenn - You Are Flawed if You Are Not Free
email: 20SBTech@gmail.com